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FAQs - General

  1. What is the status of FAEIS?

    The Food and Agriculture Education Information System (FAEIS) was located at Texas A&M for over 15 years. In July 2002 Virginia Tech was contracted to redesign the system, including a web-based data entry and retrieval. The web-based data entry system has been used since 2002. The FAEIS is located at: http://faeis.usda.gov/

  2. When was the last FAEIS report published in hard copy?

    The reports dated May or June 2000 are the last paper-base published reports, which contain the 1999-2000 FAEIS data.

  3. What is the status of the past FAEIS data?

    Data from 1993-2000 are availabe from Research, Education, and Economics Information System (REEIS). Look for FAEIS in the REPORTS section.

  4. Where can I obtain copies of the "Employment Opportunities for College Graduates in the Food & Agricultural Sciences" brochure?

    The brochure and contact information is located on the Resource Links - HEP web page.

FAQs - Student Survey Data Entry

  1. I do not have the student data broken down by gender, ethnicity or degree level. What should I do?

    You can use the "Unknown" gender category and/or the "Unknown" ethnicity category to enter data when gender or ethnicity is unavailable.

  2. We have selected 26 surveys but only 3 appear under my name to be completed. What is the problem?

    If you cannot see the surveys that are not assigned to you, your college coordinator must assign the surveys to the person who will complete them. The "User Management" training film on the help desk of the FAEIS website gives an in depth explanation of this process.

  3. What data are required to complete the FAEIS student surveys and how should it be sorted?

    The instructions, which include data requirements are located under Help Desk.

  4. How can I download the forms?

    There are no hard copies of the forms. The forms are not designed to be downloaded. They should be filled out online.

  5. If an international student has taken a job in the US market, do I enter him as "foreign" or under the appropriate employment category on the placement survey?

    Enter the student in the appropriate employment category. The "foreign" category is for students who plan to return to their country when they graduate.

  6. I cannot see the entire page on my monitor screen. Can I correct this?
    This depends on your screen resolution. Right click on the desktop and then click on settings. If you can set the resolution to 1024 x 768 or higher that may correct the problem.
  7. I regularly compile the information requested for the FAEIS surveys. I already have this information available as an Excel file or a text file. Is it possible to upload the data in either of these formats?

    No, it is not.

  8. Will each of our departments be able to enter their own data separately?

    Yes, the FAEIS data collection system is designed so that one coordinator is designated for each college. The coordinator should then designate individual users to enter data for specific surveys by program. A single user may enter one or many surveys.

  9. I find that some of our majors are not included on your list of CIPS codes. Do I need to use only the groupings provided? Can I add a Grouping?

    The CIPS code list used on the FAEIS survey forms is designated by the USDA. We cannot add listings. If you have problems fitting a program into the codes provided notice that there is a category designated "Other" at the end of most academic areas.

  10. I need to fill out the student enrollment survey, but I do not have a user ID or password. How do I obtain these?

    User IDs and passwords are assigned by your college coordinator. Or you can contact the FAEIS Office by e-mail.

  11. How can I print a summary of the data I have entered?

    Under Student Survey Management click on Survey Status and View.

FAQs - Faculty Survey

  1. We have misplaced our copies of the "New Faculty hired in AG, Renewable Resources and Forestry" for the academic year ending in 2000. We don't seem to have received the 2001 report.

    The last published report was Spring 2000.

  2. How do I list FTE for those that have a percentage of their salary coming from discretionary accounts?

    You can prorate the amount based on their teaching, research, extension percentage.

  3. I was told to list faculty that are either AY or CY but those designations do not appear to apply. What should I do?

    Faculty should be listed by the number of months of their appointment.

  4. How can I print a summary of the data I have entered?

    Under Faculty Survey Management there is a Faculty Report button.

  5. Do I include faculty who have no teaching appointment, but are tenure or tenure tract appointments?

    No, only teaching faculty are included in the survey. This includes full-time and part-time faculty, as well as faculty on sabbatical.