Data File List

FAEIS data files are available for the following data sets:


Filename / Link Size
enrollmentDefinitions.pdf 331.11 Kb
faeisEnrollment_20190321.csv 146.64 Mb
faeisEnrollment_20190321.xlsx 59.34 Mb

Degrees Awarded

Filename / Link Size
degreeDefinitions.pdf 332.86 Kb
faeisDegreesAwarded_20190321.csv 76.54 Mb
faeisDegreesAwarded_20190321.xlsx 33.03 Mb


Filename / Link Size
faeisPlacement_20190321.csv 19.62 Mb
faeisPlacement_20190321.xlsx 7.69 Mb
placementDefinitions.pdf 332.03 Kb


Filename / Link Size
faeisTransfer_20190321.csv 1.58 Mb
faeisTransfer_20190321.xlsx 694.53 Kb
transferDefinitions.pdf 331.58 Kb

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