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home-slider2The Data Center allows you to retrieve FAEIS data and reports.   But we know that every request is unique and usually last minute.   So you should feel free to contact us for assistance- click here to send us an email OR call the FAEIS Help Desk at 540-231-4941.

FAEIS data is collected annually from colleges of Agriculture, Natural Resources, Family and Consumer/Human Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine. Currently, complete enrollment and degrees awarded are available for the years 2004-2017, along with placement and faculty surveys from participating institutions.   Additional degree data is available for earlier years.

Download Current FAEIS Datasets

The following parameters may be used in FAEIS Report Builder: institution, college type, partner organization, degree level, academic area, discipline (CIP code), gender, ethnicity and many more. You can set filters for any of the parameters.

Reference Library Generate “canned” reports from the FAEIS reports database using typical report parameters and filters.

FAEIS Report Builder is the ultimate tool for generating custom reports.   The first step is to get your FAEIS ID & password.

FAEIS Institutions  List of FAEIS institutions of interest with characteristics.

CIP Codes and Academic Areas FAEIS data is organized in a hierarchy of academic areas and disciplines based on the CIP codes used by the National Center for Education Statistics and offices of Institutional Research at every institution.

Data Dictionary – Student and Faculty Survey Reporting

Student Survey Status Reports These reports are used by the FAEIS office to review the status of the student surveys from the institutions in our partner organizations.


Here are some examples of analysis and reports using FAEIS student enrollment data:

Student Enrollment in the Food Science and Technology Academic Area By FAEIS Institutions


From the February 2010 FAEIS Newsletter

Bachelor’s Degree Enrollment in Agriculture Academic Areas for AASCARR Institutions Reporting in FAEIS


From the October 2008 FAEIS Newsletter

Doctorate Enrollment by Race in Animal Sciences, General at 26 Institutions with 3 Consecutive Years of Data, Based on the 3 Year Total, 2004-2006


From the December 2007 FAEIS Newsletter.